LiDAR Services And How They Work

LiDAR Services And How They Work


LiDAR services use UV light to detect items on the ground and their height. The light bounces off the object and is reflected back to the sensor to determine how far away the object is from the sensor. LiDAR can be used from the ground, air, or by satellites in space, but airborne LiDAR is the most popular method.

This method gives you a lot of data in a short amount of time because an airborne sensor can scan a lot of land areas all at once. The LiDAR system works together with a computer and a GPS to create detailed elevation maps.

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LiDAR systems are extremely unique because of their ability to scan the ground as well as the objects on it.

When scanning trees, the laser will go through the holes in the canopy and reach the ground. This gives the computer enough knowledge to be able to tell exactly how tall a specific tree is. Information like this, and other documentable information, can be extremely valuable to researchers and scientists. If you want to learn moe about how a LiDAR system works or if you want to learn more of the related vocabulary, watch the provided video!


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