Need Help Studying? Check Out These Websites!

Need Help Studying? Check Out These Websites!


Higher education can bring about some of the most stressful nights of studying one can experience. With a plethora of presentations, papers, and research projects required for most majors, it’s no wonder why so many students search for help online. With an obvious market for website help, several designers and programmers have created a multitude of helpful tools for students to access online. Each of these sites has different capabilities and features, depending on how you study best.

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In this video, we will take a look at some of the most universally helpful sites for studying.

Every student knows that sleeping is extremely important for adequate brain activity. The website called Sleepytime can help you calculate when you should realistically go to bed and wake up every morning to achieve the most in your awake time. Edx is a massive online platform that offers free (yes, free!) online courses funded by Harvard and Berkeley. This is an enormous library so take advantage of the free resources here. TedEd is an extension of the popular “Ted Talks” in short video format. They have a huge collection of videos on a number of subjects, so simply search for your subject and see what you can learn!


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