Need to Learn? Online Videos and Software Are the Key


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Online learning software and reference videos are often taken for granted, even though we regularly depend on them for education, and consumer satisfaction. Across the United States, 1.2 billion videos will be watched online by approximately 89 million people every day. If you need a science lesson, a cooking lesson, a tutorial for makeup or hair, you can find a video online to instruct you.

You may be surprised to learn that if you need education about a traditional subject, a product, or a new skill, online videos and software are a convenient and cost effective solution. Here are three things you may not have known about learning software and reference videos.

1. Kids online learning software bring education into the home.

Children these days are able to learn how to use the computer as if it was even easier than learning how to tie their shoes. Is it any surprise, since approximately 90 percent of all the information that moves through the brain is visual information? Many children love to use the computer, and you can take advantage of that natural affinity by introducing them to online learning software. Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and enrichment programs are all available online, many for free, and many of them at affordable rates.

2. Online videos teach us about products.

Did you know that more than half of all online consumers feel more confident when they purchase a product after watching an online video? Approximately 24 percent of natural brands will market their products with videos. Naturally, we want to recreate the experience of actually shopping for a product, and when we do that online the best way to get an idea of what we are about to purchase is by watching a video.

3. Online distance learning courses deliver education around the globe.

Whether you need training for work, for school, or just for fun, you can take a course offered almost anywhere in the world with distance online learning. Today, 20 percent of undergraduate students have taken an online distance learning course. Distance learning is also more cost effective and green than traditional classroom learning, using 90 percent less energy.

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