Online Preschool Learning

Online Preschool Learning


In this video, you will learn about preschool. The video is beginning with circle time. They are singing about the day of the week and the date. They are also checking the weather to briefly discuss how weather systems work.

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The next activity is numbers. Counting is hard for preschoolers, but it can be a great building block for this age group. Days of the week is another thing to focus on. Helping them know the name of the week, the position in the week, and the difference between weekends and weekdays. The bridge between color and object is important to teach as well. Having an entire lesson dedicated to this is good. Animals, colors, and shapes are good to be able to bridge the connection between all of them. Preschool-age children are very impressionable and easily obtain knowledge. Being a great role model and teacher for these kids is very rewarding. Online teaching is the harsh reality of schools right now. There’s a couple of ways to teach online. You can stream with platforms like Zoom or Google Meets. You could also post videos that children can watch later. To learn more, keep watching this video for tips, information, and best practices.

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