Performing an HVAC Inspection

Performing an HVAC Inspection


While it’s important to have a cool and comfortable home, you should also consider inspecting your HVAC system. AC inspections will always have an impact on any homeowner’s comfort. It will keep the central heating and air system humming.

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So, in today’s blog, you will know more about how HVAC inspection works and the important points that need checkups. That way, the system is going to last.

1. Return Air Plenum

It’s where the return air duct is connected to. The gas line has a flexible connector and should be installed correctly, for it has a hard pipe coming out of the air handler cabinet.
There are sharp edges.

2. Adult Dual Wall B Vent

This is required inside the attic. You can’t just use a single wall for it in the attic.

3. Refrigerate Lines

AC inspections also needs checking of the refrigerant lines that are insulated. However, some parts don’t need to be insulated.

4. Condensate Drain and Overflow

They are required to have eight-inch per footfall. If the attic has blown-in insulation and sometimes gets a little sloppy, part of the AC inspection is making sure that it’s clear of insulation, so it won’t clog the drain.

5. Location of HVAC System

Make sure the system is located for atleast 3 inches above grade and must be lifted up and 12 inches clearance around at least 3 of the sides.


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