Practice in the Mirror


Fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking is not at all unusual. Sometimes public speaking anxiety is something people are born with and for some others fear of public speaking creeps up on them over time. Some people have found that enrolling in a public speaking course was the best public speaking help they could have had. Taking a course helps to break the emotional ice and help the speaker gain confidence. Public speaking help in a classroom setting allows them to tackle their fears. Another way to get public speaking help is to join a group. There are professional organizations that meet and rotate turns delivering speeches, critiquing and encouraging each other. Those groups offer safe havens to help get public speaking help.

We have all remember the advice of our grandparents saying if you are ever nervous in front of a crowd, you should imagine them naked. Some people drink booze for public speaking help. That might also work, but relying on alcohol could lead to a plethora of other problems. The best public speaking help is to simply practice and prepare. Breathe deeply and slowly. Write notes down and review them. Preparation is your best ally.

Depending on the venue you need to speak in, perhaps there is other public speaking help available to you. Some professional offices have teams that work together with their employees to help them prepare for representing the company at conferences and professional events. If you are giving a speech in front of your class for a project, perhaps your teacher has tips for you. There are several avenues to help, you only need to explore them.

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