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Since its creation in its modern form in the early 1990s, the internet has come to completely revolutionize research of all kinds. Whatever you are searching for or want to know more about, the internet can provide you with detailed information on the subject in the format you want. The internet has become a great vehicle for the democratization of information and because it allows so many people to publish information about what they are interested in without traditional restraints like finding a publisher and broad marketability, people with niche interests can publish content on their own. Budding writers can hone their craft until they can write enjoyable and accessible content. Technical information about complex and scientific subjects has been written and rewritten so much that a large body of writers has boiled it all down to easy to understand, straightforward explanations anybody can use.

We fully believe in the power of the internet to disseminate useful and important information in accessible formats for all people. Because of this, we create, aggregate, and make available reference videos for curious and interested people to use for whatever purpose they need. We have reference videos available for a wide variety of needs and interests and are always working on expanding our content to better provide for our users. Widely available information is not any good if it cannot be readily understood or enjoyed by more than a small audience and it is with that philosophy in mind that we have crafted our reference videos. Whatever your level of experience or interest, we hope you will find our reference videos useful and easy to follow. We invite you to browse our content for your current interests or even to find new and interesting things that you did not know about before.

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