Reference Videos, YouTube, and Internet Popularity


Reference video

With the advent of YouTube, the creation of videos with users. And that makes it even easier to make reference videos, and a reference video is a great way to do, well, just about anything really. That’s because the one thing that makes it a hundred times easier to do something you want to learn or need instruction in.

Of all of the human senses, sight is the most developed, and the one most relied upon by people. The eye is a highly sophisticated conscious sense organ that for several reasons will react to light. Conscious light perception along with color differentiation are controlled by cones and rods in the retina, and about 10 million different colors.

Because this organ is so sophisticated, anything perceived by it is understood by the brain far better than any written instruction, and it makes it far easier for whatever is being viewed to be replicated. For better or for worse, considering some of the videos published on the internet.

Either way the popularity of video publishing on YouTube is both because of the ability to be creative with unique user content, as well as offering the opportunity for shared knowledge.

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