The Best Structures Are Built with Strong Foundations



Toddlers will develop somewhere near 1,000 Trillion connections between the cells in their brain by age three, which is around twice as many as the average adult has. Considering that kids who receive high quality early childhood education are more likely to own a home, have a job, and earn at least $5,000 annually more than those who did not receive pre kindergarten education. The first established United States day care center was the New York Day Nursery and was started in 1854. Day care appeared in France around 1840 but the Societe des Crèches was not officially recognized by the French national government until 1869. The welfare and reform movements of the 19th Century led the way to the beginning of the day care movement origins. There is no doubt that quality preschool programs can help build the foundation for a child. Take some time to explore the options around you to give your child the social and educational jump start that could be the difference in their life.

The first thing to consider about preschool is how that preschool approaches child care education and their daycare quality of care. These topics should be able to be covered by sitting down with the director of the preschool or, if you rather do some research before talking with the school, you could ask friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about reputable preschools in the area. This could give you a list of quality preschools that you can narrow down your search to by hearing some pros and cons on each school. Then having a conversation with the preschool director or personnel would be the smart move to take, in order to understand what type of care and education your child will be receiving.

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