The Cost of Home Generators

The Cost of Home Generators


Having a whole house generator is important as a backup plan. In just the first half of 2014, 130 grid outages were reported. Standby generators can make sure that your home does not lose power. Let’s look at home much a home generator might cost.

The homeowner should always speak to a generator installation company before moving forward with a plan.

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This will ensure that the consumer and contractor are on the same page about how the whole home generator pricing will go. It is important to understand the full scope of the project.

The speaker in the video linked here suggests that the cost of generator and transfer switch multiplied by two or two and a half could be the total cost of installation. That might be something to keep in mind when discussing pricing. You should also discuss emergency generator installation requirements. This includes transporting materials, preparing the ground for installation, electrical hook-up, and labor payment.

While there are many things to consider when choosing to install a generator, it is an important step in protecting your home. Be sure that you will have communication during a power outage.

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