The Effectiveness of Online Massage Therapy Schools


Massage therapy continuing education

As one of the most rewarding and promising careers today, the demand for massage therapy services has continued to increase around the world. The demand has, in turn, opened up career opportunities for massage therapists who want to work in spas, wellness centers, hotels, resorts, hospitals or on a cruise ship. And that’s why many people, even those that are already employed, are having an interest in massage courses.

Perhaps you are interested in building massage as a career one day, but you don’t know how to handle it. Learning massage training online can help you balance between family obligations or work commitments. Online massage therapy schools offer you an alternative learning option to pursue another career course at your own pace. In fact, it’s estimated that 82% of masseuse started practicing massage therapy as a second career.

Online Massage Training Courses
In massage therapy courses, you’ll learn and get equipped with the necessary requirements, skills, and knowledge to be a licensed massage therapist. Depending on the area of massage you want to specialize in, you’ll have to take specific courses to learn the best practices. Some of the general massage therapy classes, however, include Anatomy and Physiology Course, Swedish Massage Course, Sports Massage Course, Energy Techniques Course, Hand and Foot Reflexology Course, Hygiene, Self-care and few others.

Since massage training online is conducted in the physical absence of a teacher, you’ll need to invest in your own massage equipment and supplies for self-practice. These are in addition to having a good computer and a stable network. Some institutions that offer massage therapy courses have a hybrid form of learning where a student can partly take their course online and still have access to practical training sessions on campus. This offers you a hands-on experience in massage therapy and allows you to seek clarification on areas you feel weak about.

Licensing and Registration
For you to be considered a certified massage therapist and be able to earn from it, you must be licensed. State licensing for massage therapists is important, particularly if you are going to practice in a hospital. To get a voluntary national certification, which is given by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), you must attain a series of requirements. These include passing the BCETMB exam, completing 750 hours of education and 250 hours of professional hands-on experience. Also, you need to have a certificate of good conduct, consent to uphold the standard codes and ethics governing massage therapy. In massage therapy, getting a voluntary certification can improve your chances of securing a job.

Massage training online classes can only take you so far, but when it comes to licensure and certification renewal, most states expect you to have enrolled in at least one of the continuing education courses. These courses help massage therapists to improve their skills and knowledge in delivering quality service. Studies show that about 94% of massage therapists have taken continuing education classes.

Cost of learning
There isn’t a standard cost for massage therapy courses. However, those getting massage training online often pay less than those in an actual class. This training can cost anywhere between $6 and $17 an hour, depending on how the course is structured. Other factors such as location, state laws, and other governing bodies requirements can affect your program costs.

The reason most online massage courses are relatively cheap than class programs is that some institutions factor in the cost of a massage table in their tuition prices. You may end up spending $500 more just because you’ll be using the amenities. Remember that cost of tuition isn’t a comprehensive by itself. Other additional charges may apply. Be sure you fully understand fees and other charges a program may have before enrolling.

Lastly, as a graduate of massage therapy, you play an important role in the health sector. Massage is one of the most common alternative health treatments and it’s known to treat a number of conditions like fatigue, anxiety and depressions, headaches and muscle pains and many more. Just like other physicians, you need to approach this field with an attitude of saving lives.

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