The Four Places You’re Likely Going to Meet Your Next Girlfriend


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Recent studies put the number of American married couples who met through a mutual friend at 63% — that’s more than half! The problem with these numbers is that quite a large portion of current couples in the U.S. are part of older generations. Times are different, and folks today are getting married much later than they did even in the 1980s and ’90s. That means what worked for them then might not work for you today.

The best thing a guy can do when it comes to finding out how to meet singles is always view everything as an opportunity. Keeping your options open is great, but eventually, you’re going to run out of time. That’s why it helps to know where to start looking for your next partner. Here are four such places, and don’t worry, there’s no pressure to pop the question just yet.

At a Local Bar

Clubs have long since been the answer for guys trying to find out how to meet singles in their neighborhoods. Bars, though sometimes loud and purposely darkened to heighten the ambiance, are still great for conversation — and conversation is the best way to get to know someone. Picture the scene: You lock eyes, chat all night, drink a few drinks and secure her number. Take her out the next day, and before too long, you’ve got a new girlfriend on your arm.

At a Clean, Well-Lighted Place

For the less literary-inclined, that means “a cafe” in Hemmingway-speak. Although today’s modern American cafes aren’t quite as pastoral or bohemian as the European ones in early 20th century fiction, they’re still a wonderful place to get to get to know someone. Find a local place you like, then go there often for your morning coffee or tea. Spend some time there. Eventually, you’ll start noticing the people who frequent the establishment — odds are one of them is a cute gal.

At Local (Non-Bar) Social Spots

Some dudes swear by the gym for meeting girls, but your main priority there is likely getting a good workout, not trying to meet your next partner. That’s why it helps to frequent places that aren’t bars every once in a while. Pop into a bookstore or library and crack open a new memoir. Be friendly with folks at the laundromat. Go back to church if you feel like it. All these spots will lend you plenty of opportunities to meet members of the opposite sex, and if you keep striking out, don’t sweat it. There’s always…

Through Online Dating Sites

Face the facts: 40 million people used online dating websites to meet potential partners in 2012. There’s essentially no stigma in the process anymore, especially given the rise of hookup apps like Tindr. The modern man is busy with work, traveling, “you” time — it’s almost impossible to find time to even meet someone at a bar anymore. That’s where online dating can do the heavy lifting for you. First, understand how to meet singles online: All it takes is 10 minutes to set up a profile. Then, you can leave the rest up to chance.

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