The Issue of Global Health Transcends Boundaries


Global health

Global health research is the future of disease control and the key to a healthier world population. Often times, issues and programs related to public health are boxed up and relegated to the confines of individual nations and the locales within those nations. However, disease does not recognize borders, and therefore, it is an issue of international concern. While it may be easier for governments to deal with public health nationally or locally, the limits of bureaucracy only serve to inhibit the implementation of public health programs that are truly advantageous to global health. In reality, the issues surrounding public health are global concerns. Global health programs train researchers and health practitioners in the theories and methods that will benefit every world citizen, regardless of political or bureaucratic boundaries.

For individuals who are interested in making a difference through global health research, a global health program, such as that offered by Tulane University, allows caring individuals to earn their global health degree. While global health research exists at the core of the immense issue of global health, students in a global health program learn other ways through which global health concerns can be addressed. A global health program develops public health practitioners who learn ways to promote healthy living through public outreach, by fostering partnerships with various public health entities, and through public service. No issue of global health is too minor and none should be overlooked. Therefore, a public health research program trains its students in every area of public health, as well as in highly specialized areas like tropical medicine. In fact, Tulane University is the only institution of higher learning in the United States to offer training in tropical medicine.

Global health research is an area of concern for every world citizen; and therefore, it should not be treated as a national or local matter. Global health research should be looked at collectively by every nation that possesses the resources to contribute. For those nations without the appropriate resources to contribute, global health outreach programs can help to foster awareness and promote education within those areas. When it comes to global health research, when one nation benefits, every nation benefits. In reality, local and national boundaries do not exist; and thus, the world consists of one people. Unlike humans, disease does not divide and discriminate based upon ethnicity, race, gender, disability, age, or religion.

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