Benefits of private education
The Private School Difference Should Start Early  The Best Preschools Near Me In Miami

The Private School Difference Should Start Early The Best Preschools Near Me In Miami


What are the most important elements of a healthy education?

High grades are certainly important, but they’re only a small slice of your child’s growth. Alongside rigorous testing they should be surrounded by a nurturing environment, fun activities, and passionate teachers. This well-rounded approach is the guarantee private schools offer year after year. Whether your little one is just starting first grade or is entering junior high, the best private schools are eager to deliver. This can even extend to your child’s first day at preschool!

Art summer camp, enriching extracurriculars, one-on-one education…these are all the components that make up today’s quality private school system.

There Are Thousands Of Private Schools Available

You’ll never be at a loss for options when you start searching for a good private school. There are over 33,600 in the United States today, serving five and a half million students from preschool to high school. They account for 25% of the nation’s school and enroll 10% of all students. The advantages of private school are designed to give your child a head start that will last a lifetime. With a more focused classroom design and a wealth of extracurriculars, you’ll never be concerned about what the future holds.

Private Schools Boast Smaller Classroom Sizes

Perhaps the most notable feature you’ll find when typing ‘best preschools near me in Miami’ is are the small class sizes. Unlike public school models, the private school system is designed with individuality in mind. Over 85% of private schools, according to recent estimates, have fewer than 300 students. It’s not uncommon to find schools that have as few as 150! This means plenty more opportunity for your child to have their questions answered and concerns addressed.

Private Teachers Are Passionate And Involved

What else will you find with ‘best preschools near me in Miami’? Teachers that are deeply involved in their students’ lives, whether it’s a social problem or a math question. A private school survey found between 60% and 80% of private school teachers will have an advanced degree to their name. This is instrumental in setting your child apart, as they need all the help they can get to compete in today’s world. According to the Condition Of Education 2016 report, there were around 440,000 private school teachers working in the 2013 to 2014 school year.

Supplementary Resources Enhance Your Child’s Education

The best private elementary schools in Miami should have the full package. That means passionate teachers, small classroom sizes, and supplementary resources. Does your child love to draw or sing? Consider signing them up for art summer camp, a retreat that rounds out the summer with a mixture of education and play. They can make new friends with similar tastes, right alongside getting fit and learning new skills.

Private School Can Start As Early As Preschool

There’s a reason why more parents are looking up the ‘best preschools near me in Miami’. That’s because a common misconception is that private school is best done later in a child’s life. Preschool has been found to have the biggest impact on children’s development, setting the tone for the rest of their life. Psychologists have determined a child will absorb the most information within their first six years! It’s in a private preschool they’ll learn vital motor skills, social skills, and artistic expression.

A healthy education, just like a healthy diet, should have a little bit of everything. Embrace the best private schools in Miami and ask for a tour of Kendall art school.

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