The Three Most In-Demand Degrees of 2015


Master of business administration

The beginning of an individual’s college education can be an exciting and confusing time. Learning to navigate the campus, figuring out the expectations of a diverse group of professors and figuring out campus culture can be overwhelming. When it comes to difficult decisions with the most far-reaching effects, choice of major tops the list. There are more undergraduate degrees possible than class days in a semester, and narrowing that down to what holds the most interest and the most profit has immense potential to cause anxiety. As food for thought, here are the 3 most in-demand college majors of 2015.

  1. Engineering: An aptitude for science and math will make engineering a perfect fit. The career opportunities are exciting, including advancing space exploration, and highly in demand. Women especially are needed in this field due to the traditional under-representation of females in S.T.E.M. classes and careers.
  2. Computer ScienceNo one should be surprised to see this subject land in the top 3. The swift development of technology and its wide array of uses means every field needs individuals who understand how to navigate this ever-changing field. A bachelor’s degree will serve, but a Master’s degree, perhaps involving programming or the internet of things, will grant a massive amount of opportunities.
  3. BusinessPeople that know how to make a business profitable of course hold quite a bit of value to hiring managers. Knowledge of the interworking departments and management techniques seem like simple topics to manage, but appearances are misleading. After achieving a bachelor’s degree, a student could move onto a Master’s, such as a master of business administration degree, a field with the promise of job security and high salary.
  4. No matter which degree program a student chooses, what matters the most is that they enjoy it. If a master of business administration degree holds no interest, ignore it and go for a history degree instead.

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