The Upside of Adjunct Making Peace with Not Getting Tenure


Jobs in higher education administration

In the United States, around 2.9 million people are employed by higher education institutions, but not all of these folks are lucky enough to call themselves adjunct professors. Many have college coaching jobs, college admissions jobs or college counseling jobs. For some, being an adjunct is part of a longer scheme to be promoted to tenured professor. However, some are happy to be adjuncts for the long haul.

Adjuncts professor utilization has increased each year since 1980. An adjuncts lifestyle is characterized by flexibility but not necissarily high pay. Adjuncts can sometimes stand in place for a tenured professor so that there is more flexibility throughout an entire department. Education administration programs recommend that departments have some adjunct professors to keep morale high and schedules fluid.

Education administrators across the board support adjunct professorship. From 2012 to 2022, employment opportunities for postsecondary teachers is supposed to grow 19%. Education administration programs encourage thinking outside of the box in terms of professorship. This includes extending opportunities not only to those who have a doctoral degree but also to those who have a masters but are working toward a doctoral degree.

The higher education industry in the United States has revenues around $442 Million per year. Being an adjunct professor is a great way to get a piece of that pie. Jobs in higher education are all rewarding but an adjunct professorship allows teachers to grow their skills while growing their life experiences! Back in the 1950s, a year abroad or a year off with children were unthinking for a professor. Now those with varying life expectations can education the future! Good references.

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