The Versatile Career Path of Secondary Education


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One occupation that is extremely valuable to the future of children is a teacher. However, those who want to enter the field of education may be unaware of which path they want to take. The field of teaching is a vast one with many job opportunities. Those with college degrees often earn more than those without one. One study found that someone who has earned a bachelor?s degree will typically start out earning about $45,000 per year, compared to high school graduates earning about $28,000 yearly. In this post, you will learn more about the job options after obtaining a secondary education degree.

Someone with a degree in secondary education could teach in a middle school environment. Different locations around the world have varying rules for what constitutes middle and high school grade levels. A person with a bachelor of arts in secondary education may find more job opportunities at a middle school. The typical age range for middle school students will vary by school district.

The second job option for someone with a degree in secondary education is teaching at a high school. In most cases, high schools are filled with the most amount of students, creating the need for additional teaching staff. Secondary education often means teaching grades 9-12, the grades often found within a high school. Like middle school, a high school teacher will typically specialize in teaching a few select courses. The courses you will end up teaching are dependent upon your education specialty and vacancies available. For example, if you are specializing in math, you will likely be placed in the math department of a school. Smaller schools or those with more vacancies may requrie you to teach multiple subjects.

In closing, obtaining a secondary education degree offers many job options. Most obtaining a bachelor of arts in secondary education end up teaching at a high school. However, more demand has been seen for secondary education holders to teach within middle schools. No matter where a graduate works, it is likely they will be earning more than before they had a degree. People in the United States with a four year degree were found to make 98 percent more every hour than those without a degree.

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