Things You Need When Moving Into Your First Home

Things You Need When Moving Into Your First Home


If you have just purchased your first home, you may be trying to figure out the things you will need for it. Of course, after contacting an office moving company for moving services, you have to arrange plans for packing to make work easier for the movers. A major benefit of moving into your home is that you get to pick out the items needed to make your home comfortable, like shutters and throw pillows. To make the furniture moving procedure easier, you should label boxes containing dining room set items or items to be placed in a kitchen cabinet. Also, remember to label boxes according to where they will be placed upon arrival at your new residence. Here are the things you need when moving into your first home.

Cleaning Supplies

One of the first things you need when moving into your first home is cleaning products. You will most likely need to clean the house’s every nook and crevice, so these are some of the products you should purchase beforehand.

  • Sprays and cleaning wipes: Buy a couple of bottles of disinfectant as well as cleaning sprays you can use to wipe down dirty surfaces in your house. Even if it is a brand new house, it is nice to give it a fresh, clean look.
  • Vacuum: A vacuum cleaner can be beneficial when cleaning up the aftermath of your moving process. If your home has wooden flooring, ensure you purchase a vacuum cleaner that’s able to run over wood floors without scratching them.
  • Garbage and recycling cans: Have two cans you can place underneath your kitchen sink or in an unused kitchen cabinet. You can also place more cans in other rooms or bathrooms.
  • Trash bags: Remember to purchase enough trash bags to use on your trash cans.
  • Duster: A duster equipped with an extension pole is great to have. They are efficient as they are able to access hard-to-reach corners and keep cobwebs and dust at bay.
  • Wood cleaner: If your house has wood floors, you may need to shine them before you move in your furniture. Get a liquid wood clean and a rag you can use to wipe the floor.
  • Cleaning gloves: To keep your hands safe and clean from harmful chemicals, purchase a pair of cleaning gloves. These are reliable for when you need to clean your house or dishes.

Safety Supplies

Next on your list of things you need when moving into your home are safety appliances and tools. Take your time to ensure that your home’s detectors are working and that you have a fire extinguisher ready in case of a fire emergency. These are some of the appliances and tools you need to make sure they are working properly when you move into your first home.

  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detector: Your new house should be inspected to ensure it has updated detectors before you move in. You should, however, double-check to see if they each contain batteries that work.
  • Fire extinguisher: Make sure your home contains a multipurpose fire extinguisher that is useful in three classes of home fire namely wood/cloth, grease, and electrical.
  • First-aid kit: This is useful when dealing with unexpected small injuries. Your first aid kit should contain things such as cold compresses, antiseptic wipes, latex gloves, gauze pads, bandages, and antibiotic ointments.
  • New door lock: To ensure the safety of your home, you should swap the cur rent lock on your home’s door for a new lock. If you are not comfortable with a physical lock, you can buy a smart keyless lock that uses a passcode instead.
  • Home security system: There are a variety of smart home security systems in the market to assist you and your family’s safety in your new house. These systems include various items like secured door locks and surveillance cameras.
  • Small vault or lockbox: To keep treasured items such as jewelry and sensitive documents during your move, purchase a vault or a lockbox.
  • Flashlights: Along with light bulbs and batteries, you should also consider getting some flashlights to make sure you are ready for power outages. They are handy when your home does not have enough overhead lighting and you have not set up lamps yet
  • A hidden key: It is a good idea to have a hidden key outside your home in case you lose your home’s original key.

You can also create a binder containing important details such as emergency contacts, veterinarian information, also lists of important medications you are on together with your first aid kit. This makes it easier for you to find important information should you need it.

Maintenance Supplies

To ensure the efficiency of your home, it is important to include maintenance supplies on your list of things you need when moving into your first home. Keep this in mind when moving and packing. Here are some must-have maintenance supplies you should have.

  • Tool kit: Owning a tool kit is helpful when it comes to setting up furniture pieces or maintenance checkups. Some useful tools you should have include pliers, measuring tapes, screwdrivers, drills, and hammers.
  • Light bulbs: Have a supply of spare light bulbs in case you need to switch out lights. Get LED lights that run efficiently and are big on energy saving.
  • Batteries: Together with light bulbs, purchase a variety of batteries that can be used with different electronics.
  • Ladder: Ladders are effective in reaching high places in your home such as the roof or ceiling. There are also extendable ladders that are able to adjust to different heights.

Remember to inspect the filters of your HVAC and see if they need to be changed. The filters of your HVAC help to prevent dust and debris from entering your cooling and heating system.

Bedroom Essentials

Bedroom essentials should also be included in your list of things you need when moving into your first home. Here are a few essential things to include in your bedrooms.

  • Bedding: A brand new set of bedding can transform your bedroom space and bring fresh energy. Get soft throw blankets and throw pillows to make your bedroom extra comfortable.
  • Hangers: Remember to purchase hangers if your bedroom has a closet available. Get a variety of hangers in case any of them get damaged when you move into your home.
  • Bed frame: A bed frame offers mattress support and can also substitute for storage space underneath it.
  • Nightstands: A standard bedroom is not complete without a set of nightstands inside it. Find nightstands to brighten up your bedroom.
  • Iron and ironing board: Invest in an iron and ironing board if you want to keep your clothes crisp and in the best condition. You can store it in your bedroom’s closet or a hallway. If ironing your clothes is not your preference, you can purchase a streamer to ensure your clothes remain wrinkle-free.
  • Bedside lamps: Purchase several simple lamps you can place on your nightstands to bring more light into your bedroom.

To make moving into your bedroom easier, ensure you place your clothes on hangers. Use a cover or trash bag to wrap your clothes. This will make it easy for you and anyone hired to perform moving services to move your clothes on the rack without having to hang them up again.

Living Room Essentials

The living room is another key area to highlight on your list of things you need when moving into your first home. Here are some items you will need to make your home’s living room complete and feel comfortable.

  • Seating: Your living room space should have some seating for your guests when you need to recharge and relax. You can add a large sofa, together with comfy chairs to your living room.
  • Window coverings: You could find previously installed drapes or blinds in your new house, but you may have to update them if they are not functioning properly or some parts of them are missing. Add some sheer curtains to your home’s windows together with new coverings to ensure you have extra privacy and allow natural light into your home.
  • Extension cords: Having extra extension cords can be helpful if a room in your home does not have enough power outlets.
  • Coffee table: A central coffee table in your living room area can make it feel more complete. You can add your favorite books and cozy candles to complete the look.
  • TV: When thinking of entertainment in your living room area, a TV first comes to mind. Configure your chairs and couches so that anyone can have an optimal view of the TV.
  • Rug: If you have hardwood flooring in your living room or a scratchy carpet, add a large rug with a neutral time so that it can match your furniture, or choose one rug with some splashes of color to make it stand out.

When purchasing new furniture pieces for your first home, take notes on obstacles you might face such as tight stairways, narrow hallways, and hanging light fixtures. An ideal rule of thumb to follow is to get furniture with four to five inches less width than a passageway.

Kitchen Essentials

Considered one of the most important areas of a home, kitchen essentials should also be included in your list of things you need when moving into your first home. Here are some of the important basic items your kitchen will need.

  • Plates and Silverware: There is no need to go overboard by purchasing an extensive set of utensils and dishware. Purchase enough utensils and dishware to cover everyone residing in your household plus an extra set for when you have guests over.
  • Cookware and appliances: Similarly invest in purchasing essential cookware items such as a few pots and pans. You should know beforehand if your kitchen has basic appliances installed in it like a dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator.
  • Dish soap: Get a bottle of dish soap to store in your kitchen sink. If your kitchen has a dishwasher, make sure to purchase dishwasher pods or soap.
  • Knives: It’s a good idea to get a quality set of knives for your kitchen use.
  • Cabinet liners: You can get liners to install underneath your cabinets and drawers to ensure they remain clean.

For a kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing, you will need to use clear containers to keep your food items organized. You can also put similar items in one container such as mixed packets or spices.

Bathroom Essentials

Your home’s bathroom should also be a top priority in your list of things you need when moving into your first home. Here are a few items you can and to ensure your bathroom is in perfect condition.

    • Shower curtain and liner: New homes usually don’t come with these pre-installed features, so you will have to purchase new fresh liners and shower curtains for each bathroom in your home. Remember to purchase a curtain rod to hang your new liners on.
    • Bath mat: Purchase a bath mat if you want to decrease the amount of water falling to the floor after someone showers and avoid mold from forming in your bathroom.
    • Plunger: Accidents are inevitable, so having a plunger in your maintenance kit can be helpful when your toilet clogs up.

li>New showerhead: If the original showerhead you found in your home’s bathroom looks outdated or does not have ideal water pressure, you can purchase a showerhead that fits your shower’s arm.

Moving into your first home is an exciting experience. You need to make proper plans to ensure your moving process is seamless. Hiring a moving company will take off some of the burdens that come with moving day. They will ensure your belongings arrive safely at your new residence. While purchasing things you need when you move into your first home, keep in mind to get important things such as bathroom essentials, kitchen essentials, cleaning supplies, and living room essentials. You should ensure to tie up unfinished businesses such as settling rent or paying your bills before you move into your new home. This will make it easier for you to move into your new home without any worries.

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