Think School Has to Be Stressful? Try Learning Online


Online training solutions

Anyone that has never enrolled in an online learning course will naturally be skeptical. For the most part, the learning experience in the United States remains unchanged from kindergarten through masters level college classes. Students sit in a room, read their book, take notes, and listen to their instructor. The rising popularity of the online learning course is change all of that, and people are taking note. In fact, online video production will soon account for a full third of all spending on online advertising over the next five years.

Online distance learning courses are now garnering national attention. An October 3 article on NBC News online boasted the many advantages of MOOCs (massive open online courses) that are now being offered by Harvard and MIT. These online training tools can provide all of the same information, while saving people a great deal of time and money. A number of these courses are free, and give people the chance to learn things that they might not otherwise be able to take in.

A great online learning course does not need to be found through a college. In fact, they are all over the internet. Approximately 60% of all internet traffic comes from video watching. The average internet user is three times more likely to click on a link if a video is included.

Reference videos and online training solutions are often much more interactive than a textbook. Studies have shown that people retain a full 50% of what the can hear and see at the same time, as opposed to roughly 12% of what they take in through text alone. This makes sense when one realizes that 40% of nerve fibers that go into the brain are all also linked to a persons retinas.

Those who may not be too enthusiastic about going to school in a traditional setting may find distance learning programs to be exactly what they need to help complete their education.

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