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Our society seems to be increasingly stressed out, rushed, and anxious. Those emotions can take not just an emotional toll, but also a physical one, with many people suffering from chronic headaches, pain, and other physical effects. If you’ve been interested in how to alleviate this suffering — and turn it into a career — you should think about attending massage schools for massage therapy training. Massage therapy is now practiced in 40% of hospitals worldwide and many doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals routinely recommend massage therapy to their patients. But why is massage therapy so beneficial? How can massage schools help you achieve your career goals as a massage therapist? What should you know about massage therapy training? We’ll cover all these questions — and more! — below.

Why Is Massage Therapy So Helpful?

There are an estimated 325,000 to 375,000 massage therapists and massage school students working and operating in the United States currently. They do important work, with almost 90% of consumers saying that they believe massage works to decrease their pain levels. And over 85% of consumers said that they thought massage was helpful towards improving one’s overall health and wellness. Doctors and chiropractors agree, with over 50% of doctors recommending massage therapy and almost 50% of chiropractors doing so.

Massage therapy can help reduce one’s stress levels, as well as take away pain and muscle tension. It promotes relaxation, which in turn, can lower blood pressure, reduce cortisol levels, increase circulation, induce your muscles to relax, and even help your immune system become stronger. These positive effects are all, in part, due to bringing down one’s stress levels and massage therapy can be a great starting point for individuals to see how else they can manage stress.

Why Go to Massage Schools?

If you want to be legitimate, practicing massage therapist, it’s likely that you’ll need a certification to do so. Successful therapists see about 40-52 clients a month and over 80% of massage therapists are doing this as a second career, so getting a little extra education on the specifics and methods can help you step your game up.

You can also get trained quickly — massage schools aren’t like undergraduate programs, where you need four years. Many massage schools will give you the tools you need to get started in a year. And, your training will help you be flexible in an array of workplaces — from spas, physical therapy or chiropractor offices, resorts, hotels, nursing homes, and fitness centers, you’ll be all set!

A massage school will also teach you how to do it right, to avoid injury to yourself. Massages do require some serious physical exertion and can take a toll on one’s wrists, hands, and shoulders if one isn’t careful. With the right training though, you can learn how to keep yourself from injury, even if you’re doing this job full time.

What Else Should I Know About Being a Massage Therapist?

It can be a grueling job, but most massage therapists say it’s worth it. You’re in the business of actively helping people feel better, both emotionally and physically, which is important work. You should also be committed to continuing to take education classes. In fact, almost 95% of massage therapists continue to take education classes even after receiving their license and the necessary certifications. Attending conferences, workshops, and continuing to develop professionally is a huge part of the job.

Deciding if you want to work more traditionally (i.e.: in a spa, clinic, office, etc.) or on your own is also a big decision. You’re certainly assured plenty of work in a traditional office, but of course, your schedule will be a bit less flexible than if you work for yourself.

Knowing all this, if you’re ready to make a difference in others’ lives, you want to work with your hands, and feel more fulfilled, consider checking out a few massage programs. You may find your new life’s passion within their walls and embark on a fulfilling first (or second) career!

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