Three Tips to Stay Focused in the Virtual Classroom


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No matter what it is that you want to learn how to do, whether it is a new hairstyle, a science project, make enchiladas, or put on false eyelashes, the internet has a tutorial or reference video for you. Distance online learning takes this concept even further. You can take online distance learning courses or online training programs to learn how to be a teacher, or get your degree in health services, finance, criminal justice, security, sales and marketing, and more.

Most of these distance online learning courses are conducted entirely online. This means that all of your instruction, discussion, and feedback will be provided through an online learning system. This is not an easy adjustment for everyone to make, when so many people have grown up with traditional instruction methods.

So how do you stay focused? Here are three tips to keep you on target.

Strike up a Connection

What is typically considered one of the cons of long distance online learning is that you do not get face-to-face interaction. However, even though you are participating in distance online learning, there may still be people in the same course who are close by to you. Find out, as they might be as interested in a study-session, class discussion, or meet-up as you are. If no one is near you, then take time to get to know them through a class wiki, forum, or chat.

Insert Visuals

Did you know that more than half of the population finds it easier to comprehend information with the aid of visuals? If you are having trouble understanding a concept, do a little extra research and look up a video demonstration. If the subject proves not to be widely documented on the internet or by your local library, you can always request that the instructor provide more visuals.

Set a Schedule

Did you know that you can get the same amount of information through online learning as you can through traditional learning, but in 25% to 60% less time? This does not necessarily mean that you have to dedicate less time to the course, only that all the information is revealed more quickly. Rather than get tricked into thinking that this means you do not have to spend as much time on your classwork, be proactive and set a schedule for yourself. Try to go over your assignments and do coursework at the same time every day.

About 22% of post baccalaureate students have taken courses through distance learning, so you can probably find more tips and advice from students just like yourself. When you stay on track, your chances of success increase. Setting a schedule, looking for visuals, and connecting with your classmates can help you to get a richer experience from your distance education.

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