Tired of Doing All the Work? Learn How to Make Women Approach You


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If you’re tired of trying to approach beautiful women and taking all of the risk of meeting new people on your shoulders, listen up: you don’t always have to be the one to initiate first contact. As Post Grad Problems writes, this isn’t the 1950’s; you don’t have to give her your pin, you don’t have to take her to the soda jerk, and you don’t have to constantly be the one going out on a limb. These days it’s perfectly socially acceptable for women to approach men.

Of course, getting women to approach you is often easier said than done. Many men understand the keys to approaching women, but when it comes time to make women approach you, well, things get less clear. If you want to improve your shot at attracting women to you, follow these simple tips.

Three Tips on How to Make Women Approach You

  1. Subtlety is Not Your Friend
  2. As AskMen.com points out, too many men assume that they can make women approach them by playing it cool. While you shouldn’t be overbearing and overly obvious, you also don’t want to make it seem like you want nothing to do with women you want to attract. Instead, make eye contact, flash a smile, and let the rest unfold from there. You’d be surprised how powerful of a motivator this simple sign of interest can be when trying to make women approach you.

  3. Confidence is Everything
  4. You know what turns women off more than anything? A lack of confidence. As The Huffington Post suggests, women are much less likely to approach you if you come across as unsure of yourself. Insecurity can come across in the way you talk, but it also becomes evident by the way you stand and hold yourself. If you’re in a bar hoping to make women approach you, don’t lean against the walls, don’t slouch, and don’t stare into your drink. Stand tall with your eyes forward and shoulders back. Body language will win you a lot of points here.

  5. Make an Effort
  6. Regardless of whether you want to make women approach you or you want to find success when approaching them, this rule is crucial. You need to make an effort to make yourself seem like someone women want to talk to. Comb your hair, shave your cave man face, and spritz a little of your favorite cologne on a collared shirt. You expect women to make an effort to keep up appearances, why shouldn’t they expect the same of you?

Whether you’re looking for a long term relationship or something a bit less permanent, follow these tips to make women approach you. They aren’t exactly rocket science, but let’s be honest, guys, we aren’t always rocket scientists either. Learn more: www.themodernman.com

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