Trends in Reference Videos


Reference videos

It could be said that we have reached a point in our culture where you can find instructions on how to do almost anything. Online, the limits are endless. Reference videos have been a big part of this. Video sites like youtube and others have popularized new ways of spreading information and understanding news and entertainment. What are some of the biggest trends in reference videos right now?

First, cooking videos have been very popular. Cooking shows have been around since decades and decades ago, since Julia Child published books on easy french cooking and took the cooking world by storm. Many people prefer watching videos over reading recipes because a lot of cooking is about motions and subtle measurements and understandings that are difficult to measure out in exact quantities, but easy to show on a screen. Many online video makers have risen from weekend clip posters to national cooking starts.

Second, makeup and hairstyle reference videos almost always rack up hundreds or thousands of views. Before, finding out how other women, and sometimes men too, did their makeup and hair was largely a mystery. You could try to understand the instructions in a magazine, or hope that going to a makeup counter would reveal some secrets. Similarly, hair can often be difficult to read instructions about since so much of the art is in the motions. Videos have allows people to connect to each other in order to share the art of their existence.

Third, many popular reference videos are about simple, everyday actions that most of us might find very useful but did not know how to answer previously. Getting stains out of rugs? Bleaching a shirt to get out a spot, or to make it look cooler? Painting with oil colors? Everything is now available for viewing in the video world.

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