What Are Your Collagen Skin Products Really Doing for Your Skin?


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There are many natural health benefits to collagen. It is the most common protein in the human body, and is responsible for maintaining the structural integrity and elasticity of your skin, as well as its healing process.

But as we age, our natural collagen production begins to decrease, and we begin to lose the natural health benefits that collagen provides. However, not all hope is lost, as there are several different options for supplementing your natural collagen supply.

  • Collagen Skin Cream – There are many collagen skin creams on the market making big claims, but you have to know how to read the labels. Creams that claim to contain collagen to replace the collagen you’ve lost are not being entirely truthful. Collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed into the skin, so that will serve as nothing more than a good moisturizer. It’s best to look for creams that contain peptides and hyaluronic acids, as these ingredients help to increase your natural collagen production.
  • Collagen Injections – Collagen injections are a very popular treatment, particularly for filling in the fine lines and wrinkles that result from decreased collagen. Collagen injections also work well for filling in minor scars, especially those left behind by acne. The only disadvantage of collagen injections is that they are not permanent. Eventually, the collagen will be absorbed into your body, and you will have to get another injection.
  • Collagen Supplements – Collagen supplements help your skin from the inside. Where collagen injection wear away, and collagen creams can’t penetrate the deepest layers of skin, collagen supplements can get right to where the problem is. Collagen supplements can help boost your skin’s elasticity, and even help to strengthen your hair and nails.

Collagen benefits skin in a number of different ways, so why not invest in some good quality collagen skin products, that will provide the natural health benefits of collagen to keep you looking and feeling your best? For more information, read this website.

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