What Career Opportunities Are There For a Human Development Degree Holder?


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Human body and mind form part of an intricate being that freely relate with each other and the environment. Humans are unique creatures and while they seem complex in some way, getting to understand them is often an interesting endeavor and this is what a human development degree offers you. This is a study that majorly explores the psychological, social, biological and cultural elements of human growth and development.

Scholars who choose to pursue this course end up with a host of career options at their disposal. Whether you are more geared into service-oriented fields like public health, child care, psychology and social work or you want to further the course in a variety of related fields, the choice is yours to make depending on what excites you. In recent years, many people have developed an interest in human development studies, which can be associated with the flexibility it offers when it comes to choosing a career path.

If you are passionate about children or seniors, this degree in human development will offer you the perfect opportunity to explore this field. In addition, you have the options of working in organizations such as colleges, universities, both local and federal government agencies as well as hospitals and non-profit institutions. Statistics show that about 83% of all college students are happy with the outcome of their degree.

Human development and family studies are interdisciplinary studies degree program that shares ideological similarities. Their paramount prerequisites are the social, biological, cultural and psychological aspects that influence human growth and cultural diversities. Other vital topics in this course are perception, sexuality, embryology, genetics, adolescence, parenthood and aging.

If you are a graduate with a human development degree and you’re probably wondering what’s installed for you, look no further. Below are few examples of job opportunities available you could look at.

Social Work
With a human development degree, you can land a job as a social worker. A social worker is an individual who helps people deal with various social and personal issues such as substance abuse, illness and poverty. This career demands you to work and relate with people from different backgrounds with varying political and spiritual beliefs. In addition, you can expect to work in institutions such as human rights, government agencies, mental clinics and hospitals in conducting research and policy making.

Public Relation Proffesionals
There is an array of career options in the busines-related field. One great option is working as a public relation officer. Here, a business will require you to manage the labor force with the idea of maintaining a favorable public image. You’ll be tasked to organize events and information dissemination through press releases. Usually, you are the link between the business and the public, which includes community, media, customers, and government institutions. Students who’ve attained a human development degree are proficient in interpersonal skills, hence they can conduct interviews and articulately answer questions concerning the business. Other business career opportunities for human development graduates include human resource, labor relations, compensation and benefits managers, training and development managers.

Teaching and Education
If you are interested in teaching and education careers, you have the chance to work in youth organizations, child care centers and also adult education. Apart from assisting scholars with academics, you could also work as a career counselor. However, different states have specific requirements to qualify as a teacher.

With a wide range of careers, you can build from human development degree, it is important that you define your interests. What makes you tick, and most importantly, what do you love to do? This will help you understand the career you are entering.

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