What do Antitrust Attorneys Do?

What do Antitrust Attorneys Do?


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Monopolies represent a threat to the free market by eliminating competition and controlling prices. This article will break down what antitrust lawyers do to prevent these monopolies from forming.

Antitrust attorneys specialize in the law covering corporate monopolies, price-fixing, and unfair restrictions. They work on things like free trade agreements or corporate mergers, among other things.

Antitrust lawyers often work for law firms that represent corporate actors. They might work for a government agency like the Federal Trade Commission. Antitrust lawyers may also work for corporations that have antitrust issues.

Antitrust attorneys need to know laws like the Sherman Antitrust Act inside and out. There are also various state antitrust laws. They often specialize in mergers and acquisitions that harm competition.

However, they work on both sides of the case. A corporation being investigated or sued for breaching antitrust law will also utilize antitrust attorneys for their defense. This way, companies have an inside man who can work to prevent any penalizing actions from disrupting their business.

Antitrust attorneys play a key role in the freedom of competition in the US and other countries. Without competent antitrust lawyers, smaller businesses would have a much harder time establishing a foothold in the market. To learn more, check out the link above.

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