What Do Dry Cleaning Services Do?

What Do Dry Cleaning Services Do?


When you have an item of clothing that needs special attention, you might need to bring it to a dry cleaner. They can help clean clothing that can’t be totally drenched without shrinking. Keep reading along here to learn more about what dry cleaning services do.

You might be surprised to hear that the dry cleaning process is not totally dry! The clothes are dampened with a solvent instead of water. It is a hydrocarbon and is safe for clothes.

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Coupled with soap and mechanical action, the clothes can be cleaned without having to go through a washing machine.

After the clothes go through the first cycle, they’ll be pressed carefully. Steam is used to press and dry the clothes. This is an important alternative to dryers, which can totally shrink clothes and make them unwearable. After that process is completed, the clothes come down the rack and are wrapped in plastic to preserve them until pick-up time!

Want to learn more about dry cleaners and their processes? Check out the video in this article. It provides a great visual of the dry cleaning system. Visit your local dry cleaner to get started today! It’s never to late to treat your clothes right.


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