What Do ENT Doctors Do?

What Do ENT Doctors Do?


When you have an issue in your ears, nose, or throat, you might need to see an ENT doctor. What do ENT doctors do, though? Keep reading to learn a bit more about their day-to-day responsibilities.

These doctors can perform ear inspections when you’re having trouble hearing. They can compare your results to past ear exams to see how your hearing has progressed over the years.

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Your primary care physician will give you a referral for an ENT professional that can help out.

Ear, nose, and throat doctors are also qualified to handle any issues or diseases that affect the nose and throat. This might be chronic sinus infections or strep throat cases, which can lead to more severe health issues. If you have a growth in your nose, throat, or ears, these doctors will also be charged with caring for you. If cancer is contracted, ENTs will work with oncologists to work toward a solution.

To learn more about ENTs and their responsibilities, watch the video in this article. You might be surprised at how much they can do! Then, call your doctor if you feel you need to see an ENT specialist. They’ll help you out of any situation with your ears, nose, or throat.


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