What Do Heating Oil Providers Do?

What Do Heating Oil Providers Do?


The YouTube video “Residential Heating Oil Delivery” follows a professional heating oil provider to document the steps heating oil providers follow during the heating oil delivery process. The first step is correctly positioning the truck to make the delivery process safe and efficient. Ensure the car is parked correctly and the safety brake is switched on.

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Next, switch on the truck pump.

The pump should be located beneath the truck and connected with a 150-foot hose with a nozzle at the end, which connects to the house fitting during filling. A mechanical meter should also be attached to the pump to help measure the number of gallons. Levers are also needed to send the fuel from the tank to the pump. It’s also important to line the pump with the fill on the house. This makes for easy delivery of heating oil.

After aligning the pump with the fill on the house, the levers can be lifted to allow the oil to flow into the home. During the filling process, a whistling sound is usually generated. This continues until the filling process is complete. The whistling sound ceases once the filling process ends. The hose can now be wound up and placed back into the truck.


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