What Does It Mean to Manage FNA Inventory?

What Does It Mean to Manage FNA Inventory?


Managing your FBA inventory is a crucial part of making your business a success. If you don’t have inventory, your Amazon listing will become inactive. In this video, we look at how to manage your FBA inventory in Sellers’ Central.

You can avoid disruptions in sales by carefully monitoring the inventory you have in Amazon warehouses, using alerts in Sellers’ Central, and keeping 2 months worth of inventory in warehouses as much as possible. Your sell-through rate impacts how much you are able to store at once, so improving your sales and sell-through rate can enable you to keep more inventory and avoid disruptions.

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Amazon’s FBA inventory management software provides powerful features, to empower you to sell more, and keep inventory moving from your suppliers, to Amazon’s warehouses, to your customers. By monitoring your inventory, setting alerts, keeping inventory levels high, and increasing your sell-through rate you can grow your business by keeping a steady flow of inventory and avoid the kind of disruptions that will cost your money and customers.

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