What Exactly Does an Arborist Do?

What Exactly Does an Arborist Do?


If you’re interested in hiring an arborist for your property, it’s important to understand what exactly arborists do. The truth is, an arborist’s job description is varied and colorful. There are a number of jobs that fall under the umbrella term of “arborist.

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” Often an arborist will wear many hats in one day, completing a wide array of different jobs.

Arborists are responsible for maintaining the health of all the trees on a property. If you hire an arborist for your home or garden, they will examine the state of every tree and make appropriate plans. This could mean cutting or pruning trees to get rid of any deadwood. This could also mean trimming branches to neaten up the appearance of any trees that may be overgrown.

There are a lot of safety risks involved in arboriculture, especially when the job involves climbing to the top of a lofty tree. Any good arborist will come equipped with all the safety tools and equipment needed and will execute a safety plan. This is where arborists work in numbers. If a job involves a particularly tall tree, at least two arborists should work on it at a time to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved.

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