What is 3003 Aluminum?

What is 3003 Aluminum?


There are different types of sheet metal that one can use for a construction product. From copper to aluminum, each will have different properties that suit different uses. There are even different types of aluminum to choose from. Here are some things you need to know when looking at 3003 aluminum.

This is the most widely used compound of all aluminum alloys. It is nearly pure aluminum but has the addition of manganese, which makes it incredibly strong.

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That alone increases the strength of the metal by about 20% versus an 1100 grade alloy. It reacts well with organic and mechanical finishings but may have some slight discoloration.

Though the 3003 alloy is strong, it is a comparatively soft aluminum alloy. This makes it prone to scratches by machinery and other harder metals. This alloy is commonly used for cooking and eating utensils, chemical equipment, pressure vessels, food containers, hardware, tanks, sheet metal, and cabinets. It is easily bendable at a cold temperature, making it ideal for manufacturing items that are not totally flat.

Watch this video to find out what you need to know about a 3003 alloy before you decide to buy. Talk to a manufacturer to find out the best option and price in your area.


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