What is Pipe Transportation Like?

What is Pipe Transportation Like?


When you use pipes in your oil rigging, you need to get them from a trusted manufacturer. This is an important part of the process, and cannot go understated. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about the process of pipe transportation.

You’ll talk to your manufacturer about how they transport the pipes. This is a good place to start. They will ensure you that the pipes are well protected during travel.

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You might not understand why this is important. If the pipes are loose and unprotected in the truck, they can become dented or otherwise damaged.

To make sure that this happens, you want to talk to your manufacturer about their quality assurance policies and their transportation policies. Do they make sure that pipes are secure before the truck leaves the manufacturing plant? Do they use secure pipe chocks in between the pipes? These are good questions for your manufacturer.

Watch this video to learn more about pipe transportation from your manufacturer to you. This will give you some insight into how the pipes are moved safely and securely. Be sure to talk to your manufacturer about these things. It’s an important step in your next oil rigging project.


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