What to Do When Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

What to Do When Your Pet Needs Emergency Care


Your pet is a member of your family and should be treated the same as another family member. This means knowing when to see the veterinarian and when to seek out emergency care. Here are some services that emergency animal hospitals can provide for your pet.

If your pet is exposed to extreme temperatures, this can lead to dehydration or frostbite. This might result in fainting or an extremely low heartbeat, and if that is the case, you should take your pet to an animal hospital.

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Venomous bites by reptiles are another thing that should be dealt with by emergency professionals, especially if you do not know what bit them.

Any time a pet needs oxygen or intravenous fluids they should be visiting a hospital. This is both for the initial treatment and for the aftercare and diagnosis of your pet. These veterinarians are trained to handle emergency situations like sewing up large wounds and setting broken bones or dislocated joints.

If your pet is presenting with symptoms that seem life-threatening, head to an animal hospital. If you are not sure, call your veterinarian to seek their opinion. Either way, act quickly to help your pet in time.


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