what to Expect From Your Stucco Resealing Service

what to Expect From Your Stucco Resealing Service


The first step to stucco resealing is removing all the old paint and sealer from the walls. Before the stucco cleaning services start the project, they will ensure that there are no loose or damaged tiles on the wall.

After the cleaning process, the next step is applying a primer coat of stucco cleaner to the wall. The primer coat helps create a strong bond between the new stucco and the existing surface. After this, the stucco contractor will apply the basecoat, the main layer for the final look of the stucco.

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This layer is made up of sand mixed with cement and water. It is applied by using a trowel.
Once the basecoat has completely dried, it can be smoothened with a roller. After this, the topcoat is applied over the base coat. This is done by mixing sand, cement, and water. A roller is used to smooth out the topcoat.

Once the topcoat has been applied, the stucco resealing service will use a brush to spread the mixture evenly across the wall. They will also add some texture to the stucco if required.
Finally, the stucco will need to be sealed once everything is dry. This is usually done by painting the entire wall white. However, if you want to keep the color of your house, the stucco can also be painted.

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