What to Know About the Rise of Urgent Care Centers

What to Know About the Rise of Urgent Care Centers


You may want to know what qualities to look for in a reliable and patient-focused urgent care center. Sometimes, primary care services are difficult to obtain in a last-minute time frame, and medical professionals are needed for urgent advice and care. According to some research statistics, roughly 97% of patients who visit urgent care facilities for healthcare solutions are in the right place for the treatment they need, and 3% of urgent care visitors need to be transported to emergency departments. Walk-in urgent care is good for those who are feeling under the weather for an extended period of time, such as more than a week.

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Often, going to the hospital isn’t an option for non-life-threatening conditions and illnesses, so urgent care centers provide an option for those who need immediate care that is concerning, but not life-threatening. To find an urgent care Linden, NJ residents can count on, check out what Care Station Medical Group can do for you. There are many services offered, and a professional may be able to answer any questions or concerns you have.


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