What to Know About Working With Learning Disabilities


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Many parents worry about the future of their children with learning disabilities or special needs, especially how they fare in school, with social norms and a strict curriculum imposed upon them. However, there are special needs schools or special education programs that specialize in working with learning disabilities. They can help your child attain the highest level of skill and independence possible, in both academic, social, and emotional arenas. Programs are often tailored to the age and developmental need of the child. You want to give your child the best foot forward in life, and that often hinges on the education he or she receives. If you’ve faced difficulty in another school, it may well be because that school is not well equipped to connect with your child in the way he or she needs.
How Do I Tell If My Child May Need a Special Needs School?
One of the most common kinds of learning disabilities or special needs is that of the autism spectrum. Autism is a neural development disorder that is most commonly identified by incapacitated social behavior and communication. These symptoms have to be diagnosed before a child is three years old. You can tell your child may have symptoms of autism if your child isn’t as engaged with social stimuli, or are slow to smile or look at other people, and are less responsive to their names being called. People may think that they’re more antisocial or are “troublesome” but these behavioral traits may simply be indicative of autism. Autism is often genetically based, although it’s difficult to explain whether it’s a combination of variants or simply mutations. Between 0.5% to 10% of those with autism can often display remarkable and unusual abilities and some are considered prodigies or savants.
What Do Special Needs Schools or Programs Do For My Child?
Special needs schools or special needs programs can offer your child personalized support and educational services that meet him or her where they are at, emotionally, developmentally, and behaviorally. It’s often a more productive way of reaching them and communicating effectively than going through an ordinary school system. It’s been shown that students with special needs definitively benefit from alternative teaching methods, different uses of technology, or even a specialized teaching room. If students attend a regular school, it’s important that they have an IEP (Individualized Education Program) that details how the school can meet the student’s particular needs.
On the other hand, a special needs school is specialized to students who have educational needs because of graver learning difficulties, physical handicaps, or extreme behavioral problems. Taking steps such as seeking out programs or schools that meet your children where they are can help them get a better start. Sadly, research shows that two years after high school, of the young adults with autism, under half hold paid jobs. It’s the lowest rate of employment for any disabled group. Perhaps a better education and tailored exercises addressing behavior, emotional growth, and social skills could help raise that rate.
Make sure that your child is in a nurturing environment where he or she can especially thrive and grow with a special needs program or school.

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