What to Know if You Want to Start Welder Training

What to Know if You Want to Start Welder Training


Once you realize you want to start welder training, it’s hard to know where to start. It’s hard to know where you should go to learn the basics. When you’re entry-level, any knowledge is good knowledge.

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It’s okay if you’re starting from zero with no prior knowledge. There are three processes you use for welding and three components. You have your heat source, your metal, and then your shielding gas or flux.

First, you can learn about mig welding. This process is easy to learn, which makes it perfect for beginners. It’s easy to get a clean line very early on. It’s also great for indoor projects because of its versatility. Stick welding works best for outdoor projects. It works on thicker metals and wind doesn’t impact the welding process. Plus, it works if you’re using dirty or rusty metals which makes it great for farm equipment.

Finally, tig welding produces the highest quality weld. The pattern tig welding creates is aesthetically pleasing and gives an overall better look to your project. Make sure to learn this one last. Out of the three, it is the most difficult welding method to control.


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