What to Know When Updating a Roof

What to Know When Updating a Roof


It is reported that, of all the homes in North America, 75% use roof shingles. You will probably need to get a roof estimate sometime in the future and you should have some research on hand. What do you need to know before that happens?

Roofing companies will need to collaborate with insurers to come up with a price that they agree on.

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Your deductible, upgrades, and homeowner maintenance issues are all things that need to be considered. These are issues that are not for the insurer to worry about. Your insurance can depend on elevation and weather conditions which can add to your cost.

If your roof is more than one story or very steep, this will add to your costs. Roofing contractors will discuss the labor charges that change due to these circumstances. Having a complex roof structure will also increase labor charges. Valleys and ridges on your roof will cost extra because of higher-priced materials being needed.

The size of the roof is the last consideration to take. The average roof is between 2000 and 2400 square feet but you should get an exact measurement with your roofing company. Make sure to look into all the possibilities when roofing your home.

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