What Will Happen in a Divorce Mediation?

What Will Happen in a Divorce Mediation?


Divorce mediation is a great legal tool that helps couples go through a divorce and reach reasonable agreements on a variety of issues. As the accompanying video shows, divorce mediation addresses virtually all aspects of a legal divorce. The primary reason for divorce mediation is so that an experienced mediator can help both sides to reach an agreement on how to end the marriage.

Divorce mediation questions help both spouses to better understand the process and how it can resolve the many complicated issues of divorce. The vast majority of divorcing couples are inexperienced at going through this legal process.

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The divorce mediator assigned to the case likely has lots of experience.

The many issues that divorce mediation helps to resolve to include important items, like asset distribution, child custody, and any support payments that might be needed by one spouse. Asking divorce mediation questions helps couples to get a good grasp of each issue and how both spouses view them.

Once common ground is established, the divorce mediator can help the couple to reach an agreement on how to handle a particular issue. Asset distribution is a big part of most divorces and another example of how mediation helps to end conflicts.

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