What You Can Do When Your Roof is Leaking; Five Common Causes

What You Can Do When Your Roof is Leaking; Five Common Causes


Roofing damage can be one of the most detrimental kinds of damage a home can sustain. Some issues can happen quite suddenly, like the limb of a tree falling onto a home, or over time, like the regular wear and tear of withstanding the elements. In either case, it’s important to catch early, before moisture, wind, and pests can make the damage worse. Most homes can withstand anything as long as the protective outer layer is intact, but once that’s breached, significant damage can occur under the floors and within the walls. This is the reason care is important, especially in times of hazardous weather.

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Some signs of water damage or a leaking roof are spots of damp or mildew on ceilings, bubbling paint on walls, or an unusually musty smell in an attic space.

This video was created by a roofing professional and outlines not only ways to detect potential threats to your home, but also things you can do to address them while awaiting repairs. It’s important to practice extreme caution when attempting your own roof repairs, and know the point where you should contact a roofer.


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