What You Didnt Know About These Custom Docks

What You Didnt Know About These Custom Docks


Fishing docks, boating docks, and custom docks are only a few of the countless possibilities for dock-building. Docks can add a huge amount of reselling value to a waterfront home, and can serve as a beautiful party spot for your next big gathering. There are several reasons why someone would consider building a dock on their property, but where do you start? This video provides a look into the process of making a dock.

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First of all, several natural resources go into dock-building. Wood, metal roofing, and custom metal pieces all come together to create the skeleton of a dock. A note to consider before building a dock is the water level of your home’s water source. You don’t want water damage to your dock’s top, or for storms to cause structural problems. This problem can be tackled through investing in floating dock, so it rises to the water level. Special care is taken in order to prevent creaking in docks as well. Before you invest, check out your local water conditions. If all seems well, then a custom dock may be just the home upgrade for you!


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