What You Should Know About Round Brilliant Diamonds

What You Should Know About Round Brilliant Diamonds


One of the simplest and most classic diamond cuts is the round brilliant cut. Designed to create the most sparkle, this cut has become iconic. But how do you choose an excellent round brilliant diamond? The video posted on this page can help you if you’re planning on choosing this kind of diamond for any kind of jewelry or as an investment piece on its own.

First, the host says that round brilliant diamonds are greatly affected by flaws in the way they are cut. Since this style of diamond is designed to reflect light beautifully and create an amazing sparkle effect, any imperfections are going to detract from its final look.

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Unless you are looking for a top-notch investment diamond, you can compromise a little bit on the diamond’s clarity. Typically, imperfections in a diamond’s clarity aren’t very visible to the naked eye. This means if you’re planning on wearing or showing off a diamond, no one will notice clarity flaws. This is especially true for diamonds that have a clarity grade of SI1 or better.

For color, look for a diamond in the G, H, or I color range. These diamonds will look beautifully clear and have no noticeable shades of yellow in them.


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