Where Do Stone Slabs Come From?

Where Do Stone Slabs Come From?


One highly desired home decor element is natural stone slabs, but these stone slabs are not simply found in any warehouse. The natural process of magma turning into granite stone deep in the earth is what creates the raw and uncut natural stone.

At quarries all across the world, natural stone is mined, cut into large blocks, and sold to the best stone merchants worldwide. Merchants such as Marble.com purchase the highest quality stone blocks, which are then cut into slabs in a highly intensive process using specialized hydro equipment.

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It can take up to three days to cut a stone block into slabs.

These cut slabs are then polished to produce the renowned marble slabs that feature in the designed homes of the world as countertops, tiles, and wall cladding. Raw stone slabs that still feature the drill holes from the quarry are showcased to prospective customers at the yard, where they can pick from over 2,000 color and pattern variants.

Once a buyer has selected their dream marble slab, the measurements of their project are carefully programmed into the finishing plant, where slabs are cut to size and shape, beveled, and further polished.

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