Which Diversity Courses Work And Why

Which Diversity Courses Work And Why


In this video, you will learn about workplace diversity. A very relevant example of discrimination was in Starbucks, two men were arrested for asking to go to the bathroom. Starbucks got really bad publicity for this. They soon closed down all of their stores for four hours to conduct diversity training.

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The workplace is becoming more and more diverse. The retirement age is going up, and more people are coming to work for large corporations. If a company faces challenges with diversity, it is because subtle forms of bias may be submitted through the business structure. When there is any issue in a business, it is important to train on it for years to come. It may not be enough to simply train on a topic one time. Since there are so many societal changes, the chances that bias could continue to occur are high. Patterns of bias seem to be consistent, making it a little easier to train on. Some of these patterns could be based on discrimination against race, religion, sexuality, and gender. There is a lot to learn about diversity training. Keep watching this video for more information.

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