Why Are Color Power Cords Important?

Why Are Color Power Cords Important?


Does your business have multiple servers? Is it getting surprisingly difficult to organize and maintain all the various equipment that makes them work? The YouTube channel, ShowMeCables, demonstrates C14 C15 power cords and the advantages of color-coding your cables for your business needs.

Black is the most standard cord color, yet, having cords in multiple colors comes with multiple positives.

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Having the different colors representing different kinds of hardware is one such big positive. Many companies that host multiple servers can benefit from color-coding. By having more organized server rooms, there will be less chance of unwanted disconnections.

Need a color to represent hardware responsible for firewalls? Use a red cord! Got exchange servers that need to be operational 24/7? Use green. Even something simple as attaching a white cord could differentiate between the power source for a vital data center and a coffee pot. Any organized business needs organized equipment.

Each C14 to C15 power cord comes with an IEC C15 connector and an IEC C14 connector. They come in green, red, white, or blue colors. Such cords are very useful when computers require specific connections for their power supplies.

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