Why Every Parent Should Be Enrolling Their Child in a Preschool Program


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These days, a child’s education doesn’t start in elementary school — it starts earlier, in preschool. There are so many statistics that show that a good foundation in preschool can really make a difference in a child’s educational and social development. Academic preschool activities are fun, educational, and colorful, often using elements of games and crafting to educate and demonstrate lessons in science, math, reading, and developing motor skills. Your child will also be exposed to other children his or her age, learn to make friends and other social skills like sharing, working together, etc. Finding the right preschool can be a tough decision for many parents, especially if their child has to test into good public or private schools for elementary school. Grade school readiness is more important than ever and parents should know what things to look for in a preschool.
What are the Numbers For Preschool Enrollment?
Around 75% of children in the United States are enrolled in a preschool program. Almost 64% of white, non-Hispanic children between the ages of three and six attend preschool, almost 69% of black, non-Hispanic children and Asian children attend, and almost 52% of Hispanic children attend preschool. Sadly, under 46% of children who are below the federal poverty level go to preschool. Around 64% of kids with two, married parents go to preschool, almost 48% of kids with two, unmarried parents do, and almost 60% of kids with one parent, and 65% of kids with no parents go to pre-school.
Preschool programs are classes or academic preschool activities that are organized to give kids educational experiences and the number of three to five year olds who went to preprimary programs went up to 65% between 1990 and 2013, as more parents saw the benefits of enrolling their child in such a program.
What are Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Preschool?
Laying a solid foundation early on can help your child stay in school and strive for academic success. A quarter of at-risk children were shown to be more likely to be high-school dropouts if they didn’t receive a good preschool education. Around 60% of at-risk children were more likely to not attend college if they hadn’t gone to preschool and 70% of at-risk children were shown to be more likely to be arrested for a violent crime without preschool.
For children marked “at-risk,” this educational foundation is crucially important. More generally, it helps children become critical thinkers and passionate about learning from an early age. Reading and math scores have shown to improve when children attend a good preschool program. They’re getting a leg up on their education, and important principles are demonstrated through fun activities that kids are sure to be enthused about.
Additionally, preschool lets young children socialize earlier and starts to impress on them the ideas of “right” and “wrong” and some social norms. The idea of sharing, creating, making friends, and trying new things is fostered early among preschool-aged children.
What Should I Be Looking For in a Future Preschool?
Check out what kind of academic preschool activities the preschool offers. Are the academic preschool activities hands-on, useful, and disciplined, or is it more relaxed, without a specific curriculum? You want to make sure there’s good teaching going on and that they’re teaching with purpose! Check out the backgrounds of the teachers at the preschool and take the time to talk with them about their style and method of teaching.
What’s the preschool itself look like? Is there an open floor plan with furniture that’s height-appropriate and accessible for your tot? Is it safe for your child, should they be briefly unsupervised?
How much does the school keep track of your child’s development in terms of academic, social, and emotional growth? During these years, signs of a learning disability may take form, for example, and that’s best to know early on. Early testing may also help your child place in good elementary schools.
Preschool activities aren’t mandatory, but can give your child a serious leg-up in terms of educational, emotional, and social growth. Think about looking into preschools for your child!

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