Why to Make Your Child’s Party Active


Indoor playground in brickell

Are you trying to plan a birthday party for your child, but want them to be moving and outside? Although birthday parties can often be a staple of childhood, parents know how exhausting and time-consuming finding a venue and organizing the entire affair can be. Indoor birthday parties can get hectic, especially if there are a number of children involved. If you’re considering fun party places for kids, have you ever considered looking at a playground? Although considered fairly pedestrian, playgrounds have many benefits as fun party places for kids.
Benefits of Playgrounds
Both indoor and outdoor playgrounds have a wide array of fun equipment to play on. They’re also cheap birthday party places for kids to have a good time. For a summer birthday, outdoor playgrounds can provide outdoor summer activities for kids. It’s been shown that playgrounds help build eye-hand coordination, stamina, and good exercise practices. Since the children have to share the equipment, this also builds good sharing skills and other social skills. Kids have great imaginations and can take a simple playground and transform it into a whole new world.
Indoor playgrounds can provide great indoor summer activities for kids. It has all the benefits of an outdoor playground, bit since it’s an enclosed space, an indoor playground is a safe and clean spot for children to work out and hang out with their friends. In the winter, an it allows kids to get exercise without having to be out in the cold, which can motivate them to stay active during the colder months. This can be especially helpful if your child has a winter birthday!
The Benefits of Activity
Every parent knows the dreaded sugar rush in young children, which is inevitable at birthday parties: the excitement, the joy of being around friends, and of course, the cake and ice cream! Keeping your child active can reduce the chaos. Additionally, it’s important for your child to stay active. Playing has been recognized as a crucial element in how a child develops emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Additionally, it promotes creativity and imagination in children, as they develop games and parts to play. According to research, children who play often also have higher reading levels and better IQ scores than children who do not play as often. A playground is a great way for children to get the exercise they need per CDC recommendations. They want kids to take part in a variety of physical activity that will work different types of the body, like aerobics, muscle strength, and bone strength.
Next time you’re planning a birthday party for your child, consider having it at a playground, to promote movement and activity. As far as fun party places for kids go, it’s a great open space with built in equipment for the kids to play on and will take a lot of the stress and pressure off of your hands.

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