Why Wont My Garage Door Close?

Why Wont My Garage Door Close?


The garage door won’t close, but it’s most likely something that the homeowner can repair independently. It’s not always a faulty garage door spring. This YouTube video illustrates what to look for before opting for a garage door spring repair.

Garage doors that don’t close are usually caused by a faulty sensor or a bent or dented track rail.

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The tracks should be checked for obstructions and less than apparent curves or dents along the length of each track.

If faulty sensors are suspected, don’t remove them. Sensors have been used in garage door installations for years and are required safety mechanisms.

The lens of the sensors should be free and clear of debris. Both red and green lights should come on. If the green lights do not appear, something is interfering with the power, most likely caused by a loose or exposed wire. If the red lights don’t come on when blocking the sensor, make sure the sensors are leveled. If that doesn’t work, the sensor may need to be replaced.

Once both the tracks and sensors have been inspected, a garage door repair specialist should be consulted if the garage door still doesn’t come down.

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