Why You Should Consider Putting Your Child in a Montessori School


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If you’re thinking about what school you should place your child in for the upcoming school year, you might want to think about all of the benefits of Montessori schools. What exactly is that kind of school? Montessori schools follow an education approach that is unconventional when compared to the typical public school setting. Montessori schools are generally for Pre-K to elementary-aged students. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider putting your child into a Montessori school.

1. They are progressive

If you’re looking for a traditional kind of school, then this is not the setting for you. While traditional education techniques are prevalent in public elementary schools and even some private schools, Montessori schools involve all five senses in the way classes are designed. Instead of a teacher leading a child, a student gets to set and create his or her own pace and that pace is respected. By choosing to design classes this way, students are more inclined to discover and explore different subject areas and develop a natural curiosity about the world around them. They also learn self-discipline and develop a true love of learning.

2. They get to work with students of many ages

Whereas traditional elementary schools are designed so that students of the same age are all taught together, Montessori schools actually combine children of different ages together. This allows for students to exchange information and ideas with one another. Older students can learn how to be more nurturing towards younger students, and younger students get to benefit from the guidance of their older peers.

3. They are more actively involved in learning

Whereas traditional primary schools have teachers lecturing children or leading a class, Montessori schools are more about students becoming involved in their lesson. Montessori schools are much more “hands-on” and active, where students take part in different kinds of activities in order to learn the lesson or skill, versus sitting in a class and listening passively to a teacher. This means they will stay engaged throughout their entire class and lesson.

4. A love for learning

Traditional elementary schools are based on a standard and curriculum, which doesn’t always work to keep children interested and engaged in their studies. Montessori schools, however, allow for children to develop their own love for learning and choose what subjects and pace they gravitate towards. Since their accomplishments and pace are celebrated as something unique, they are also given the space to develop an incredible amount of self-esteem.

If you’re thinking about putting your child in daycare or preschool, you might want to consider a Montessori school. Not only are you giving your child a chance to get a head start on his or her education, but you also allow for them to explore different subjects and activities to help them decide what they love. It might be music, art, geography, math, movement, or language.

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